Radiation Safety Resources

Radiation Safety for the Professional

Links to Radiation Safety Related Sites.  An extensive set of links to government and industry sources related to radiation safety, radiation protection and health physics. These are intended to be a reference resource to professionals working in these areas.

Radiation Perspectives

Radiation Perspectives provides links to web sites which explain radiation in simple terms for the lay person.  Puts radiation issues, sources (natural and man-made), exposures, and risks into perspective.

Understanding Radiation and its Effects.  Powerpoint presentation by Brooke Buddemeier, CHP, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  PDF version.

Household Items.  Check out the radiation levels of various common household items.

Potassium-40.  Facts and figures about the most common radioactive material, potassium-40.  Potassium-40 is the most dominant naturally occurring radioisotope in soil.  It is therefore found in almost all plant and animal life.  Check out the potassium-40 levels in the food we eat and the water we drink.

Nuclear Stress Test.  Exposure measurements following a nuclear stress test.  Injections of 30 mCi of Tc-99m and 4 mCi of Tl-201 result in a cumulative dose of ~600 mrem.  Seven (7) hours after treatment, the exposure rate is 17 mR/hr at stomach level and 20 microR/hr (twice background) at 30 feet.  Exposure rate at chest level after 2 days is ~2 mR/hr, and after 7 days is ~0.5 mR/hr.  After 3 weeks, exposure rates are indistiquishable from background.  Measurements were taken with a Bicron microrem meter.  Charts of exposure rate vs. time and distance.

Calculate Your Annual Radiation Exposure by answering a few simple questions on where you live and your lifestyle.

Radiation Risk

Radiaton Risk provides a discussion of health risks from low level radiation, and the linear-no-threshold model of radiation risk.

Radiation Cleanup Standards

Radiation Cleanup Standards discusses decommissioning of nuclear and radiological facilties, performance of radiological surveys, and federal and state standards used for "release for unrestricted use."

Radiation Software

Radiation Software compiles useful health physics software and spreadsheet models.

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